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school safety

We at the Madawaska School Department make staff & student safety is our top priority! We believe that schools are the centers of our communities, we practice safety so that students, parents, and entire neighborhoods benefit. We strive to ensure that our schools are sanctuaries for teaching and learning, free of crime and violence.

At the Madawaska School Department, this means all forms of safety and security while at school - food if hungry, clean clothes if needed, medical attention when necessary, counseling and other family services as required, and most of all, caring adults who create an atmosphere of sincere support for the students' well-being and academic success.

Annual Asbestos Notification

AHERA was enacted in 1986. The purpose of AHERA is to ensure that LEAs safely manage asbestos containing materials found in schools. This is done through the implementation of a school-specific Management Plan. The regulation requires LEAs to:

*Designate and train an individual (the Designated Person) to ensure that the LEA's AHERA requirements are implemented properly

*Ensure that an accredited person conducts an initial inspection in each school building;

*Ensure that an accredited person develops a Management

*Plan for each school building;

*Ensure that only accredited persons design and conduct response actions;

*Provide asbestos awareness training to all maintenance and custodial staff;

*Notify building occupants and workers annually of all asbestos-related activities;

*Ensure that all short-term workers who may come into

*Contact with asbestos-containing materials in the school are provided with information regarding its location;

*Develop an Operations and Maintenance Plan whenever friable asbestos is present in a school building;

*Perform 6 month periodic surveillance to document any changes in the condition of asbestos-containing materials;

*Post warning labels in all routine maintenance areas;

*Ensure that an accredited person conducts a reinspection of the school at least every three years after the initial inspection; and document all asbestos-related activities in the Management Plan.