Welcome to WOWL Channel 16

Welcome to WOWL, Madawaska's student supported local access television station, operating on Channel 16 in the Time Warner cable system.  Channel 16 is located at Madawaska High School and is situated in the old band room between the gymnasium and cafeteria.
This unique location allows for easy video taping of school, community, and government events within these important and often used public rooms.  WOWL operates a NEXUS playback system to provide 24 hour service to Time Warner subscribers from Allagash to Hamlin reaching approximately 4,500 households.

CTAM- How Cable Grows

The mission of the Community Television of Maine is to help advance democratic ideals by ensuring that people in Maine have access to electronic media. In order for democracy to flourish, people must be active participants in their government, educated to think critically, and free to express themselves. Students enrolled in The Community course are required to serve the Madawaska area by covering events outside of the typical school day, including but not limited to: government meetings, school sports, community events, and other school activities. Madawaska's residents benefit from this service by viewing local programming over Channel 16.